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Favourite subject yet! Wonderful tutor, thought provoking content, interesting ideas and concepts. I...

1 month ago



6 months ago


Only required two short assignments and an 1800 word essay to complete this unit. The tutors were v...

7 months ago


Loved it, very easy to understand and teachers were informative and supportive.

1 year ago


Loved it. Really interesting. this is my second go due to not finishing my units last year

1 year ago


Very inspiring.. amazing teachers.

3 years ago

BHS30002 -

A very interesting and stimulating subject. It is easy to relate to most topics as they can apply to...

3 years ago


Be prepared when starting this unit. The workload is quite large, lots of readings and homework. A l...

3 years ago


An intensive unit, with progressive assignments designed to help develop your thesis proposal and th...

4 years ago

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