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Communication in Organisations 978-1-307-19392-3

Authors: Witsel, M

20 hours ago
$35 Save 73%
Cover of Second Opinion
Second Opinion 978-0-19-552014-9

Authors: Germov, John

22 hours ago
$30 Save 70%
Cover of Fundamentals of Pharmacology
Fundamentals of Pharmacology 978-1-4425-6310-0

Authors: Bullock, Shane & Manias, Elizabeth

1 day ago
$40 Save 71%
Cover of Law in Commerce
Law in Commerce 978-0-409-33444-9

Authors: Brendan J. Sweeney, Jennifer N. O'Reilly, Andrew Coleman

3 days ago
$85 Save 29%
Cover of Australian Land Law in Context
Australian Land Law in Context 978-0-19-557571-2

Authors: Mackie, Ken

3 days ago
$110 Save 13%
Cover of Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property 978-1-86287-986-7

Authors: Rocque Reynolds, Natalie Stoianoff, Alpana Roy

4 days ago
$30 Save 68%
Cover of An Introduction to the Law of Contract
$120 Save 8%
Cover of Land Law
Land Law 978-0-409-33693-1

Authors: Eileen Webb, Margaret Anne Stephenson

5 days ago
$100 Save 4%
Cover of Teaching Primary Science Constructively
Teaching Primary Science Constructively 978-0-17-026120-3

Authors: Keith Skamp, Christine Margaret Preston

6 days ago
$60 Save 43%
Cover of Services Marketing
Services Marketing 978-0-07-716931-2

Authors: Alan Wilson, Valarie A. Zeithaml, Mary Jo Bitner, Dwayne D. Gremler

1 week ago
$45 Save 66%
Cover of Advertising and Promotion
Advertising and Promotion 978-1-259-54814-7

Authors: Belch

1 week ago
$45 Save 72%
Cover of Marketing Research, Global Edition
Marketing Research, Global Edition 978-1-292-15326-1

Authors: Alvin C. Burns, Ronald F. Bush

1 week ago
$45 Save 73%
Cover of Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship 978-0-17-035255-0

Authors: Donald F. Kuratko, Howard H. Frederick, Allan O'Connor

1 week ago
$10 Save 93%
Cover of Consumer Behaviour
Consumer Behaviour 978-1-76042-118-2

Authors: Quester et al

1 week ago
$45 Save 73%
Cover of Pocket Guide to APA Style, Spiral bound Version
$10 Save 82%
Cover of Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design
Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design 978-1-74009-280-7

Authors: Igor T. Hawryszkiewycz

1 week ago
$80 Save 50%
Tourism Research

Authors: Gayle Jennings

1 week ago
$60 Save 34%
Cover of Strategic Management
Strategic Management 978-0-7339-8675-8

Authors: Graham Hubbard, John Rice, Paul Beamish

1 week ago
$80 Save 29%
Cover of Festival and Special Event Management 4E
$80 Save 37%
Cover of Accounting 4
Accounting 4 978-0-7339-9058-8

Authors: Atrill Harvey Jenner & McLaney

1 week ago
$70 Save 36%
Cover of Accounting
Accounting 978-0-7339-9340-4

Authors: Atrill Jenner & Silvester, Maurice Jenner, Mark Silvester

1 week ago
$40 Save 27%
Cover of Hospitality Management Accounting 9E
Hospitality Management Accounting 9E 978-0-471-68789-4

Authors: Jagels, Martin G.

1 week ago
$90 Save 34%
Cover of Hospitality Management Accounting, Student Workbook
$50 Save 22%

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