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HD PHY3102 Notes

Written by K

Comprehensive PHY3102 notes containing everything you need to know to get a HD in the unit - hence,...

96 pages, 16320 words

PHY3102 Lecture/Exam HD Notes

Written by Johnny

My notes are a comprehensive combination of both lecture content and practicals, allowing me to get...

45 pages, 12436 words

Lectures note and exam questions

Written by Ruby

Comprehensive notes from week 1 to week 12 with answered sample exam questions .

44 pages, 12623 words

PHY3102 : Nutrition, metabolism and body weight - Semester Notes

Written by John

These notes were compiled by a small group of authors in 2017. Having a small group of learners and...

89 pages, 17139 words

PHY3102 Subject Notes - Learning Objective Summaries

Written by Josie

Thorough but concise notes on each of the learning objectives for Nutrition Phys - separated into ea...

43 pages, 11353 words

PHY3102 Unit Notes and Exam Short Answers/Essays

Written by Mary

This 62-page document contains all the information required to score a HD for the exam and overall P...

62 pages, 13200 words


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