Marketing Decision Analysis Final Exam Notes - THEORY ONLY from an HD student 90%

Written by Ruby

These notes contain all of the theory you will need to know for the final exam. It does NOT include...

14 pages, 7009 words

Cheat Sheet Marketing Decision Analysis from an HD Student 90%

Written by Ruby

This cheat sheet details a number of poignant hints, tips and tricks to be mindful of during the exa...

3 pages, 1122 words

Marketing Decision Analysis

Written by Damien

This document of summaries is incredibly well-organised and set up in a way that is clear and easy t...

40 pages, 3564 words

MKF2131 Exam Summary Notes

Written by Chloe

Summary of key formulas and concepts learnt throughout the semester

11 pages, 1849 words


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Loved the practical element during the semester, but the exam was different to what you do throughout the semester.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018