Psychological Testing and Assessment

David Shum, John O'Gorman, Peter Creed, Brett Myors

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Psychological Testing and Assessment

David Shum, John O'Gorman, Peter Creed, Brett Myors

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HD (87). PSYU3332 Principles of Psychological Assessment Notes

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PSYU3332 Notes

These are my notes for PSYU3332. This unit really excelled my knowledge in psychology and I really e...

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Principles of Psych Assessment Final Exam Notes

Summary Notes Using a Variety of Sources (lectures, textbook, recordings) for the Final Exam Asses...

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PSYU3332- Final Exam Study Notes

PSYU3322 final exam notes, I receive an HD for this subject Content Tutorials Tutorial 4- IQ Te...

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PSYU3332 Mid-Session Exam Revision Notes

Covers weeks 1-5 of weekly lecture content for the PSYU3332 mid-session exam. The topics under this...

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PSYU3332 Principles of psychological assessment summary notes

Summary of concepts covered in lectures from weeks 1-12. Includes an active table of contents. Top...

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PSYC332 Distinction Final Exam Notes

These detailed notes are written specifically for the final exam. It covers Weeks 8 - 13 along with...

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quality notes that include tables, graphs and images to help with studying. also includes tips and t...

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PSYC332: Final exam FULL notes

Includes information from textbook and readings, AND ALL tutorial notes at the end (including tutori...

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PSYU3332 HD Summary Notes

High quality summary notes covering all examinable lecture and practical topics Lectures (1) Norms...

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This is such a meh subject. To be honest, if you are aiming for honours then you can bank some good marks here. The half yearly exam is something I wish I did better on because it was 20% and the questions were relatively easy. The report was marked savagely. Only 3% got a HD and 12% got D. Meaning only 15% overall got the required mark you need for honours. A lot of us had to pick up slack for the final exam. Hint hint - do the tutorial work! This literally made up half of the final. Lorna if a professional lecturer. Comparatively from all the NINE units you have to do, you will probably forget this one, but make sure you do well because stats will most likely destroy your WAM.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2021

I found this unit stressful. The first half is stats heavy and in my opinion did not prepare you particularly well for the assignment, which is marked savagely. Ironically the instructions are so detailed and specific that there is no opportunity or credit given for critical analysis or original thought. DO NOT DEVIATE from the instructions and make sure you have a friend familiar with APA proofread your work. If you make just one tiny APA error or omission from the two rubrics and 1 hour lecture instructions, your mark will dive from Outstanding (HD) to Proficient (pass). It can be as simple as a missing comma. Use the word SIGNIFICANT repeatedly, even if you think it must be assumed or is utter overkill. The references the Convenor supplied contained minor APA errors that could catch you out. Many students challenged their grades and were awarded 5-15 more marks. Fortunately, the second half of semester is far more interesting and provided a practical emphasis on Personality and Intelligence testing. The final exam afforded the opportunity to catch up valuable marks lost in the first half of semester.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

I really enjoyed this unit! The convener genuinely cared about how we did and about keeping marking fair. There were some administrative issues when it came to the assignment, but they were handled well by the convener and worked out ok. The tutorials are extremely important because they provide new content that is assessable in the exam, but they are generally interesting and encourage engagement with the content, which is helpful for learning. The content is important whether you want to go down the clinical route or into research, but it's not as tough as stats. A nice change from the stress of a lot of other psych units!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

This subject is pretty dry, though I was impressed by how hard the convener worked to keep mark’s fair across the group.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

For me personally I found it a very neutral subject - I didn’t love it or hate it. I thought the tutorials were good, very laid-back. There is some statistics in the first half but nowhere near as difficult as PSY248, and also no calculations in the final exam. The unit convenor seems very nice and caring, and puts a lot of effort in with the students.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Ended up quite enjoying the topic! Lecturer/content is far more interesting than 2nd year stats course.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Very good and fun subject

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2011