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Foundations of Sensation and Perception

Professor of Experimental Psychology George Mather

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High distinction PSYU2247 Perception glossary summary notes

Summary of concepts covered over the whole semester (lecture and practical content from weeks 1-12)....

58 pages, 21995 words

PSYU2247: Perception

All lecture and tutorial notes ready for exam! weeks 1-12 Topics Audition Body senses Chemical...

36 pages, 7636 words

HD (94). Detailed Perception Notes

Thank you for viewing my notes! This unit is quite a difficult one, so I hope my notes are able to s...

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PSYU2247 HD Summary Lecture Notes

High quality summary notes covering all examinable lecture topics Topics covered: (1) Introductio...

74 pages, 24056 words

PSY247 Final Notes (COVERS ALL)

Covers All Material (excluding tutorial). In-depth notes for each topic and refers to all theories t...

63 pages, 15026 words

PSY247 Perception

Summarised Lecture notes and relevant readings of PSY247 . Topics covered are General Principles/M...

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Grade: HD (85) Highly organised, detailed and simplified notes from Session 1, 2019. This subject...

63 pages, 18742 words

PSY247 Notes (High Distinction)

A comprehensive yet structured set of notes on all the lecture material, perfect for mid-semester an...

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This document includes quality notes and information from lectures and readings as well as tables, g...

65 pages, 19107 words

Psy247 Lecture Notes

Notes for lectures 1-12

69 pages, 16793 words


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The content could get quite challenging to wrap your head around at times, but overall i liked the unit more than I thought I would. Tutorials were really fun to attend as well!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2023

I agree with all the reviews here. Kevin explains concepts really well and in an interesting way even if the material does seem boring at times. It's pretty easy to get 80-100% of weekly quizes right as long as you watch the lecture and make notes. Since there's no written assignment or essay, students have more time to revise for the mid exam and final exam. I found the final exam fairly easy compared to the mid exam but revision is REALLY important for both exams. If you want to ace this unit, I recommend looking at the terminology documents to have a guide on what you must understand and what should be included in your notes and flashcards.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2023

I found this unit to be extremely well organised and engaging. Despite all the adversities and disruption caused by Covid-19, Kevin consistently tried to keep us all interested in the material. Some of the weeks do feature some more challenging concepts, however the key to the final exam is having a conceptual understanding of the work.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

If the 2020 final exam is repeated in future years, be prepared to be unprepared, no matter how hard and consistently you study. Also, if you're unsure of the content in the first couple of weeks and start falling behind then make sure you attend PAL as a minimum, and consider getting a tutor - if you're struggling when this train leaves the station you'll be left behind. Also, if Kevin tells your cohort "don't email me", and you're not getting the answers you need from your tutor or the iLearn forum, go ahead and email him.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

One of the best subjects I've ever done! Kevin is a great lecturer and really makes the content interesting and understandable. I found the tutorials pretty dry, but I think that was just because of my tutor, rather than the subject itself, and they were only every second week so it didn't really matter. Make sure you keep up with the lectures and quizzes. I'd say it's an easy distinction if you really engage with the content.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

It was very difficult, but Kevin's pretty nice with the exams/assessments you do. There aren't any assignments which are a relief to some (it means you just study) but a pain to others, but you gotta roll with the punches I suppose

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

I really struggled with this part of lectures in PSY105 but found that the second year course was so much more interesting cause you can really go in depth. It's a lot of stuff to know but tying it together is fairly easy if you put in the work. Kevin was really great, he used a lot of examples and explained things with pictures which helped with visualising the information. I was worried about passing this exam but came out with a credit (a few hurdles which helped with staying on top of the work and the final exam was so much better then i thought it would be).

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

I didn't think I would find this subject enjoyable as the content seemed a bit dry?? But Kevin is such an amazing and engaging lecture I genuinely found this subject so interesting and easy to get good marks if you just stay on track with the work every week!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

I agree with everyone else who praises Kevin. He is an amazing lecturer and honestly makes the unit 5 stars in my opinion - anyone else could have made it seriously boring. Overall its very well organised with a lot of interesting content (with of course some not so interesting, very technical stuff). One thing I strongly recommend is working through the terminology lists they provide. I forced myself to write definitions/explanations for each of these concepts and now I believe it is one of the reasons I did well. Not only does it improve your actual understanding greatly but you can use it as a revision tool for the exams.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

didn't think I would like this unit but its actually quite interesting. Its a bit more complicated than some other psych subjects but easy to do well if you keep up with the lectures, readings and revise regularly. Assessment tasks are also really good and help you keep up with the content. Kevin is a really good lecturer as well

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018