Discovering Statistics Using IBM SPSS Statistics 4ed

Field, Andy

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Comprehensive notes for one double sided page allowed in the exam. Note: there are four pages as...

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Statistics 3rd year notes (DISTINCTION)

The fundamental concepts in third year statistics. Very comprehensive notes - easy to understand.

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A better statistics unit than PSY248. I really liked the lecturers - they obviously understand it is a difficult unit for some and they don’t skip over or rush anything. This unit does have a high workload for a psychology subject and I was pretty exhausted by the end of it. I strongly recommend those who didn’t do stats the year prior to do some revision of ANOVA, regression and correlation, but the week 1 quiz should guide you in exactly what to revise if you don't know where to start.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

Hang onto your hat Dorothy - this is one hell of a unit. It's arguably closer to two units wrapped into one with only a one hour tutorial each week. The content is not impossible but it is the enormity of it that makes this unit the most difficult in the degree. While the unit is well organised and executed, expect trick quiz questions almost every week, and a quiz due the same day the assignment is due. My advice is to attend PAL once or twice a week and start the assignment (which is a mini Honours project) immediately after it is issued.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

So much better than PSY248!!! Loads of content so you've gotta keep up, but the lecturers are engaging and explain things well. The tutorials aren't mandatory and you should only go to them if you had trouble with the previous week's quiz. Do the optional quiz, it takes loads of pressure off the final exam and there is literally NO downside to taking it, but even then the final exam isn't too tough if you've been keeping up. The assignment is a lot of work but it really draws everything together and you're given a very extensive and helpful outline of how to do it.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

Much better than second year! Although there are some complex concepts to grasp, the lecturers were quite good at explaining them. It's quite important for the major assessments for you to have other people to work with as it's a massive assessment with lots of tricky parts.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

More enjoyable than 248, although it is a competitive unit for honours hopefuls, so good to stay on top of things.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2013

This stats unit is much more enjoyable after having completed PSY248, because the same concepts are carried through. The lecturer/tutors are very supportive.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015