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Global Political Economy - Comprehensive Notes

Written by Bri

Structured and comprehensive notes for POL303. Perfect for assignments and exams. Received an HD for...

38 pages, 13131 words

★☆ 2017 - POL303 (HD) Global Political Economy [Lectures, readings, tutorials + more!] ★☆ (+ BONUS!!) ☆★

Written by James

POL303: Global Political Economy -Concise notes -HD Quality! NOTES INCLUDED: 1. Lectures 2. T...

125 pages, 20246 words


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A good elective choice and even with a new lecturer, content and tutes were manageable and informatively relevant. Worked in well with my other choice for semester 2 - LAW460. Another subject I would recommend as an choice if you have elective choices in this field, however, a prerequisite is the dreaded POL279 .

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014