Educational psychology for learning and teaching

Sue Duchesne and Anne McMaugh

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Educational Psychology Exam Notes (Colourful)

I took EDUC105 Semester 2, 2019. My notes are very neat and are colourful as that's how I study...

26 pages, 5185 words


Simple and clear exam and lecture notes that cover topics in EDUC105 (the exam has followed a simila...

24 pages, 4900 words

EDUC1050 Lecture notes

Lecture notes on: - Piaget - Vygotsky - Child development -Adolescence - social development -...

17 pages, 4012 words

EDUC105 lecture notes

Complete and thorough lecture by lecture notes with diagrams/pictures alongside content.

20 pages, 6905 words

High Distinction Educ105 Comprehensive Notes

All EDUC105 lecture notes summarised. Additional information from textbook. Topics Include - th...

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EDUC105 Notes – High Distinction!

EDUC105 notes that have diagrams and clear organised under headings. Includes notes from lecture sl...

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High quality, concise but detailed distinction notes with footnotes.

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EDUC105- Final Exam notes

These are interactive notes with missing gaps for you to print out and fill in. There are diagram...

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Exam study notes

These are the summaries i made and used to study for this exam.

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EDUC105 Social, emotional & moral development

- Detailed, and easy to read notes based on the topic 'Social, emotional & moral development' from t...

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an ok unit. Some interesting content, but the assignments were confusing and didn't get any useful feedback on them. Lecturer talks slow af, watched on 1.5 or 2x speed. The theories part was super boring but the child development stuff was interesting.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

I quite enjoyed this unit's content. Nothing ever felt truly covered in-depth unless it was a focus subject (e.g. Vygotsky, Piaget), but the subject was extremely interesting and a great beginner for first-year students to begin psychological study in education. The assignments were easy enough if you watched lectures and researched correctly. The tutorials were the worst part of this subject, which is why I brought it down from 5 to 4 stars - they were always filled with horribly thought-out tasks (such as hypothetical situations and fill-in-the-blanks), and (I don't know if it was just the tutor I had, but) my tutor was very condescending and made me feel stupid the one time I did ask a question (which I NEVER did again haha).

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

Content was interesting but at times could be overwhelming with the amount of theorists that did not go into enough depth. Had a quiz (15%), was not hard! Exam is the same every year and you're given the subjects examined anyway so prepare for that since everyone will have prepared as well. Essay was marked quite harshly- they don't give pity points. Tutorials need to be improved though as they did not aid my learning of the content at all and was mostly group work or class work.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

acing the major essay and quizzes are your ticket to success!! the final exam is good if you have done the pass papers (which i would highly recommend). The content is quite interesting and although I didn't love the lecturer as i found that he covered the lecture material slowly and didn't provide deep content needed for exams etc, i would recommend reading/using the textbook as it will pull you through with the unit's content necessary for the exams, quizzes and Major Essay!! Good luck with this unit!!!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Engaging unit, however I found EDUC262 much more interesting and way better as an educational psychology unit, don't let EDUC105 deter you.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

The lecturer's delivery was engaging, but the content of this unit can sometimes be a little overwhelming. LOTS of theories to remember. However, if you happen to underperform in the essay, you can easily make up for it in the final exam. The long response questions are pretty much the same every year, so you can write an essay beforehand for the exam :)

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Very interesting content. I felt that the major essay word count was far too low to go into enough depth on such a broad essay question. Be warned, the work is easy, but the assessments and markers are tough! They do not give charity points or any easy marks - even for a first year subject. Overall a very enjoyable and engaging glimpse into child development and classroom applications of theory.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

The psychology units for Education get better, trust me. This is really good for foundational knowledge but caters largely to early childhood development and primary school. So, if you're only interested in high school kids it's definitely not too fascinating.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

Some lectures were very interesting whereas others I would be forcing myself to stay awake. Make sure you get the textbook AND READ IT!!! The lectures/ slides have next to no information in them so you will need to have read the textbook to write extended response answers well. Markers are pretty harsh on the major essay too, it almost seemed as if the content was too simple for them to have as a uni course without being super harsh on writing skills to compensate. But on the up side, the final exam is pretty much exactly the same every year so look at a few past papers and you will do fine.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

Holy crap, this subject is bad. The lecturer is so dreary and speaks too slowly, and also made me feel like I'm living in a police state with all the warnings in capitals on plagiarism. The content is okay, but theres way too many theorists and theories, and only a handful will come up on the exam. And some of them aren't even in the textbook which is stupid. And here is the worst bit. As for knowing in reality, how well you did in the assessments, well, you're better off dead than guessing, because all you get is a letter grade for each assessment. Without any indication of if you're closer to the bottom or the top of that grade boundary. Really not good for knowing how well you are doing. The final exam was also quite irritating.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016