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Final Exam Notes

Written by George

Final Exam Notes for Econ335. Covers the entire unit very succinctly. Got a distinciton in the exam...

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This unit is a very theoretical unit. Very long lectures (3hrs) with the last 30-40 mins dedicated to tutorial questions. They are long and sometimes quite boring. The unit focuses a lot on banks and how they manage risk, liquidity, capital and covers other areas of the financial intermediaries world. I would highly recommend this unit for anyone studying finance as well, as it provides a good connection to how to run a bank. If you are taking this unit, I highly highly recommend taking excellent notes. The assessed questions are tricky and manipulative in their words such as: T/F Volcker Rule...x% then the answer would be False, (when its true except one small detail in the question). Assessments are marked fairly. Highly recommend if you are taking this unit to copy the lecture slides BEFORE the lecture, then when at the lecture, add all the explanations and examples. These will be tested...yes its annoying that examples said in lectures that are not in the slides can be tested. This unit is heavy heavy theory. So do the extra readings. But to be fair, a lot of the time its very logical. Can sort of fluff answers up with economic / financial theory to get extra marks.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018