Industrial Organization

Lynne Pepall, Dan Richards, George Norman

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HIGH Distinction ECON309 Industrial Organisation Notes and Diagrams

Comprehensive study notes based on Lecture and Workshop exercises, Tutorial and Homework questions,...

160 pages, 19677 words


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This course has gone through several iterations, from the standard rigorous version (Peppall textbook) to the glossed theoretical version (Cabral textbook). The Uni seems to have come back to the more rigorous / mathematical version which in my opinion is a better run course. The lecture slides are detailed enough in the important components but I recommend working through the problems and the math yourself so you have a detailed example, the notes will often skip the working and just go direct from P=A-BQ direct to P=MC and give results for P and Q without showing the inverse demand, MR function or MC function. So work through them yourself, you will have to do it for your Mid-Sem and Final. Don't be too frightened by the math, not much calculus is used - basic differentiation but other than that, nothing more than 2nd year really. If you want to do well, I highly highly recommend doing all the problems each week, before AND after the solutions. So you can see where you went wrong and how to solve it neatly.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019