Business Law

Douglas Fraser

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Business Law

Nickolas James

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Business Law BUSL250 (Custom Edition)

Verity Greenwood

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Company Law Perspectives 3rd ed

Michael Quilter

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Business Law BUSL250 (4th Edition)

Verity Greenwood

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business law

andy gibson, douglas fraser

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Business Law Lecture Study Notes

Written by Robyn

Covering all lecture content - with relevant cases for BUSL250

59 pages, 12485 words

BUSL250 Business Law Study Notes

Written by Abigail

Combined summaries of both lectures 1-13, and the textbook (Business Law BUSL250 compiled by Dr Veri...

30 pages, 12058 words

BUSL250: Business Law

Written by Laura

These note for the old version of BUSL250, not the New combine BUSL250 unit (for Maq. student) Th...

30 pages, 9800 words

Lecture Notes Week 2-13

Written by Mohammad

-HD STUDENT These notes are covering lectures week 2-13. highlighting all the main points of the s...

34 pages, 12711 words

Business Law

Written by Juliana

HD Notes for sale - Perfect for final examination preparation - Detailed and concise. Notes cover le...

26 pages, 8762 words

BUSL250 CHEAT SHEET for final exam

Written by Jocelyne

Can be a very helpful reference when you're preparing your own cheat sheet for final BUSL250 exam.

4 pages, 3000 words

BUSL250 Notes

Written by Shelley

These notes cover all examinable topics with content from lectures, tutorials and the textbook....

50 pages, 20292 words


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Experienced tutor: 8+ years. Academic background: Distinction to High Distinction average across...


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exp. Qualif. sol. Hons Law. 2006 (LLB/LP)(Hons) BSc (Hons in Immunology) IMDT (dietitian APD) MHN (...


Good introduction to law not only for business but also Australian legal system.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015

Loved this subject

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2013

Great introduction to Business Law in general. Academic staff very friendly and supportive, especially Dr. Greenwood. Can be a bit overwhelming if not a Law student as lots of reading and lots of legal terms to get to know.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014