Social Psychology

Graham Michael Vaughan, Michael A. Hogg

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2008PSY end os semester exam study notes

In depth study notes from weekly assigned readings for the end of semester exam.

25 pages, 7949 words

2008PSY Mid semester exam study notes

In depth study notes from assigned weekly readings for the mid semester exam.

16 pages, 5153 words


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Excellent lectures and tutors, needs more tutorials as you only get 5 and not a lot of help with the assignment - so get started early and have all your questions ready. Michael is an awesome lecturer, the content is super interesting but there's a lot of it. Make sure you put enough time aside for reviewing the content so you can remember all the different theories and concepts for the exams - this was really tricky. The assignment can be really heavy so make sure you give yourself enough time for this as well. It REALLY isn't a night before it's due essay.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Pretty interesting course. It is a bit content heavy, but i guess that's psychology for you. Lectures are interesting in that they tend to include video examples and not just endless rambling.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015