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Being a first year subject that focuses on the basics of accounting, it is very important to make sure you learn everything to the highest level you can. It really helps you out later. In saying that, the lecturers who take this topic in both semesters are brilliant and will help you in any way they can because they, too, know how important it is to master the basics

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

Note: Students process info in many forms & patterns. By integrating multisensory modes to learning it will improve a student’s ability to retain info, & therefore will become less difficult to recall relevant & reliable info effectively when necessary. I am an advocate to the principle, ‘lifelong learning’, & my mission is to share my knowledge with students taking topic BUSN1001 on ways to achieve a high & distinctive result. Further note: Revision tips given below are an abstract from my past experiences studying BUSN1001, in the simplest forms. 1. Prepare for lectures. Lightly read main concepts & key terms. It is recommended that peaking at the types of questions at the end of the chapter will help familiarise yourself with picking out necessary info when reading with a means to understand. During lectures, it is advisable to annotate handouts if they are available in print form. Additionally, abbreviate general or academic terms to save yourself valuable listening time. 2. Taking notes effectively is a skill that can be developed overtime. As mentioned, abbreviate – for your own referencing, that is to say for example, handwriting tidiness is not a huge factor inhibiting a student from retaining & recalling. Therefore, abbreviate whenever possible, as it is your own writing for your own referencing. Further, it is recommended that students incorporate that following in their note taking (when annotating handouts is not an ideal method): • Subject, topic, & subtopic headings & subheadings for note entries; • Date of note entries; • Note entries for supporting views & examples on key terms Alternatively, using a system like Cornell Notes may help in maintaining learning activity (templates downloadable for Microsoft Word; through Google). 3. As mentioned, peaking at end of chapter questions & the provided topic outline’s weekly learning objectives will help familiarise students when reading, that is to say for example, seeking out info that is of significant value – it is not necessary to read a textbook from cover to cover. Therefore, intentions are strengthened, to seek out info & reading for a purpose. These methods combined account for only a few senses handled, the simplest form in which students like myself exercise when commencing a field of study where little to no background knowledge exists. It is advised that students adopt a method when approach their studies, a learning style in which they are comfortable with. Moreover, activate multisensory learning, that is – visual, auditory, & kinaesthetic methods, which is beneficial when processing new info & therefore in turn, improve student’s ability to retain & most importantly, recall. I offer voluntary support online COST-FREE to all students undertaking BUSN1001 in semester 1 &/or semester 2 2014. I am not affiliated with FBS, however I am a former student of BUSN1001 who has demonstrated proficiency. Please feel free to contact me through StudentVIP's listing of tutors & I will follow up with your queries at the earliest point possible! Best Regards Bal Private Tutor & Mentor

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014