Australian Criminal Law in the Common Law Jurisdictions

Kenneth J. Arenson, Mirko Bagaric, Peter Gillies

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Criminal Law for Common Law States

T. & Lloyd Hickie (I.), Thomas V. Hickie, Ian S. Lloyd

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Australian Criminal Law in the Common Law Jurisdictions

Kenneth J. Arenson, Mirko Bagaric, Peter Gillies

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Australian Criminal Law in the Common Law Jurisdictions

Kenneth J. Arenson, Mirko Bagaric, Peter Gillies

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Australian Criminal Laws in the Common Law Jurisdiction.

Arenson, Kenneth J

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Annotated Criminal Legislation Victoria 2009

Gerard Nash, Mirko Bagaric

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Annotated Criminal Legislation Victoria

Gerard Nash

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Includes a comprehensive set of Criminal Law notes used in the 2018 exam. The notes are comprised...

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Criminal Law Exam Answer Flow Chart

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Criminal Law Exam Notes

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Criminal Law Exam Notes Comprehensive & Straight Forward

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An extremely comprehensive set of Criminal Law with references to relevant statutes and cases. Inclu...

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***D 78*** MLL214 Criminal Law Notes Entire Unit Summary (inc. information from lecture notes, textbook & other resources)

Hi there, If you wish to excel in MLL214 Criminal Law then these notes are essential. They are fil...

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Fundamentals of criminal law Homicide Assault Sexual Offences Property offences (theft, deceptio...

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Criminal Law Comprehensive Notes and Answer Guides

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Criminal Law Trimester 3 2018 Notes

Criminal Law in the Common Law Jurisdiction All topics covered, including slides from lectures as...

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MLL214 Criminal Law Exam Notes (Full Contents Page)

Topics Include (Fully Contented): * Homicide and Actus Reus * Homicide and Mens Rea * Involuntary...

103 pages, 39746 words


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Extremely well-taught and mentored subject.

Anonymous, Trimester 1, 2019

Interesting subject but the management is appalling for several reasons. 1. There were never any answers to tutorial questions or answers to practice exam questions which made it difficult to know how to effectively structure our answers. 2. From week 3 on wards there were barely ever any responses in the discussion forum. I posted around 10 questions and never received a single response. 3. The assignment instruction were very misleading and vague. In assessment 1, we were told that we needed to complete a timeline on how we needed to structure assessment 2. Yet we were not informed that we needed to add in the timeline the type of cases we were going to use in each assessment. Consequentially, this lead to most people including myself losing marks. Overall, the factual scenario for the second assessment was very vague and only a sentence long. Nevertheless, the subject itself is pretty easy and the exam is straightforward. To do well in this subject make sure you have an understanding of each of the necessary element of each offence and which cases to use to satisfy the elements.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Easy subject. The assignment was not very straight forward, it didnt clearly tell us what we were to do and the assignment task sheet could be interpreted in many ways to approach the question, but the exam was pretty clear and if you have an attack plan to approach the questions, you should be pretty safe. I didnt find the time too restrictive but I have hear from other students that they struggled to answer within the time frame. I found it best not to attend tutorials as they were pretty hopeless but If you do the unit review questions and analyse the past exam questions they provide, you will find that there is a clear way that each answer is to be followed. Good luck guys!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

The subject itself is interest. However, there was no guidance given on the assignment. The essay question wasn't clear. The expectation wasn't clear. The lecturer expected an essay critising and complaining about the law but did not let the students know in advance. The final exam marking was really harsh and time was really constrained. Very disappointed.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

I found my lecturer/tutor to be incredibly engaging and understanding of student's needs. He made it possible to succeed in the unit through either attendance of lectures and tutorials or through self-directed work, and he provided all the necessary resources to do well. I found the content to be very interesting and I had a lot of fun studying this!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Expected this to be one of my favourite units but it actually turned out to be quite the opposite. Lecturer was boring and made unnecessary remarks, however, the exam was quite straight forward and so long as you have a basic understanding of the topics you should be fine. Very happy this core unit is over and done with.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

This should have been an interesting subject. The lecturer was terrible. Did not provide lecture slides or any structure whatsoever. Very disappointing and stressful unit.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

Very interesting unit; would have been better if the lecturer was able to run all lectures and provided slides as a form of guidance.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

Was a great interesting subject. But stick to the textbook otherwise it gets confusing.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014

Should have been one of the most interesting subjects in law, but lecturer and tutor did not do a great job. Lectures were practically useless. Stick to reading the book and cases.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014