Abnormal Psychology

David H. Barlow, Vincent Mark Durand, Sherry H. (Sherry Heather) Stewart

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HD-APPROVED HPS308 Exam Notes - Covers All Weekly Topics

Received an HD for this unit. Notes cover all weekly content, organised by learning objectives as ex...

85 pages, 22000 words

HPS308 HD Exam Notes

Extensive HD level Psychopathology. This is one of the largest units in psychology and having thorou...

118 pages, 40601 words


HPS308 - Psychopathology notes - collated from study guides, lectures and tutorials from week 1-10...

43 pages, 8581 words

HPS308 Exam notes

Notes on all the topic of the unit. Received a HD for the unit.

65 pages, 18000 words

HPS308 - Psychopathology Notes

Comprehensive notes covering the examinable core learning outcomes covered in the study guide. Notes...

55 pages, 55 words

HPS308 Exam and study notes

Comprehensive colour-coded HPS308 notes that cover all examinable aspects of the course. Information...

61 pages, 19260 words


These notes are solely the diagnostic criteria for all disorders based on the DSM 5 criteria. I have...

65 pages, 11937 words

HPS308 Learning Objectives

This covers the HPS308 Learning Objectives from weeks 1-11 that are examinable. This is my bible...

61 pages, 19000 words

HPS308: Psychopathology Notes

These notes have been taken from ALL lecture slides, from all weeks: Topic 1: Classification, Diagn...

109 pages, 15156 words

Unit notes HPS308 exam study overview

Combined HPS308 lecture, unit guide and text book notes. Notes are a summary of the unit, with much...

54 pages, 19000 words


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Worst unit ever undertaken. Currently in the middle of initiating a class action against the entire unit (both tutors and unit chair) for its marking and assessment. Do not choose this unit unless necessary

Anonymous, Trimester 2, 2020

This subject, while important, is fairly dry (at least that's how I found it). You need to remember lots of stats, symptoms, causes etc. It is certainly very interesting, but you'll need to have your study habits down pat. The assignment is a huge time consumer but very rewarding.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Did this subject over T3, I heard so many bad things about it including horrible assignment instructions & many students getting lowest mark ever etc. but for me has been one of my fav subjects in my degree, first the content was super interesting all about various mental disorders so I enjoyed studying for the exam. They provide you with a study guide with MCQ at the end of each topic which is great for exam revision and some of those questions were even on the exam. The assignment guidelines at first do seem poor but watching the seminars definitely helped and all made sense. I was surprised I got a HD in the major assignment as I heard from previous students that they got horrible marks but just stick to the instructions and watch the seminars and you'll be fine (the assignment was based on a movie which is different from typical assignments). I found the exam fine- I crammed whole content into one week of studying and found the exam fair. I wasn't a fan of the first assignment but overall enjoyed the unit.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

Ridiculously vague assignment expectations, low credit mark average due to poor assignment instructions. Seminars interesting but very unhelpful from both a learning objective perspective and an assignment perspective. Badly chaired and developed, worst subject in this course by far. A pity too as interesting content.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015