Study Guide to Accompany Psychology, 3rd Australian & New Zealand Edition

Lorelle Burton, Alastair Younger

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Criminological and Forensic Psychology

Helen Gavin

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Psychology in Practice : Crime

Harrower, Julie

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Criminological and Forensic Psychology

Helen Gavin

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Psychology and Law

Andreas Kapardis

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HPS206 Exam Notes

Written by Stephanie

Exam notes cover all topics, and are based on the weekly learning objectives and taken from the onli...

12 pages, 5176 words

HPS206 Exam Study Guide Notes

Written by Jessica

These are notes from weeks 1-11 according to the Exam Study Guide provided to us. It covers all...

26 pages, 5500 words

HPS206 Lecture and Seminar Notes (doesn't include case studies)

Written by Nick

Doesn't include lectures and seminars involving case studies - irrelevant to the course content unle...

25 pages, 10000 words

Exam Revision for HPS206: Introduction to Forensic Psychology

Written by Lucy Berry

Notes based on the learning guides Contains: What is Forensic Psychology? Important Milestones...

33 pages, 8405 words

Exam Prep Notes

Written by Zoe

very comprehensive list of notes

49 pages, 10500 words

HPS206: Introduction to Forensic Psychology

Written by Emma

Based on lecture slides and class notes from HPS206 during T3 at Deakin University, quite basic note...

23 pages, 5118 words

Psychology and Law Week 1-8 Study Notes

Written by Ashley

These study notes outline the essential material as per the HPS206 unit at Deakin University. Th...

15 pages, 5946 words


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This is a super interesting unit. You will cover a lot of topics in just enough depth. This class is quite content heavy with 2-4 'pre-lectures' per week that can span from 15 minutes to an hour each. Plus the 1 hour lecture weekly. The assignments consist of a narrated powerpoint and report on a case study. Unfortunately they are the same case study so the work can be quite repetitive. Also be warned that this semester the case study was on a sexual assault case. The exam is 45 multiple choice questions which are really easy. You can quite easily pass the exam without looking at an ounce of content from the unit but with some study you can definitely get top marks.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

One of my favourite units so far. The unit chair clearly loves her job and wants us to do well. It has a very practical element to it - especially in the seminars where we do things like learn how to interview a child etc. Gives a bit more of an idea of what to expect in this field of psych compared to other units where it is all just theory.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

LOVED this unit! Despite being a non-psych student and having done only a few psych based subjects, I found it was pretty straightforward, assignments were quite interesting and the content was so fascinating!! Staff were fantastic too, especially unit chair! An all round great psych elective :)

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

I did this unit online and was by far the best unit I have ever done. Content and assignments were easy and manageable. Exam was also easy and non-stressing. Staff were very friendly and supportive. An easy HD.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2013

This is a great psychology elective unit. An easy HD. The unit content is really interesting, and highly applicable to real life. The assessment tasks are very interesting, and are actually enjoyable to complete, which is refreshing. All in all, I would recommend this unit to anybody, psychology-based or not.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2013