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This unit SUCKS! It is very interesting if you like anatomy and learning more in depth but it is SUPER CONTENT HEAVY (when I say this, is not even enough to compare the amount of content there is). There is a mid-sem after study break which is based on the lectures only wk1-wk5. It takes a long time to review all the content and by the time the date comes by, you're not gonna be prepared. They give you feedback questions (some answers to this are in the labs, not even on the lecture content) and practice quizzes to do (they are fairly similar to what you will get asked). It is Iris invigilated and closed booked. The results get released 2 weeks after the test. Practical assesment - it is also Iris invigilated and closed booked. The results get released 2 weeks after the test. Covers the labs only, however the labs are really content heavy. You are allowed a calculator and overall get around 5 questions out of 50 which are just calculations. I thought it was quite hard, I didn't even finish studying and the average for this year was 71%. Exam - it is face to face and it covers absolutely everything (lectures, labs) all in one from wk1 to wk13. I thought it is quite unfair since is such a content heavy unit whereas other units just cover form week 8 onwards which is more doable. You must get 50% average to pass the unit, attempt the exam and the practical component. My advice = study well and get the best grade you can for the mid sem and the practical so the exam isn't too stressful to study for. I give it 1 star but if I could, I would give it -5 stars.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2023