The Science Of Politics

Colomer, Josep M.

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The Science Of Politics

Colomer, Josep M.

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Foundations of Australian Politics


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Introduction to Global Politics

Richard W. Mansbach, Kirsten L. Rafferty

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The Science Of Politics

Colomer, Josep M.

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Political Theory: an Introduction

Andrew Heywood

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POLS1002 Exam Prep Notes

Written by Georgia

Each topic has definition and details of significance Topics: - Anarchy - Political Power : hard/...

14 pages, 5655 words

Pols1002 Introduction to Politics Exam Study Notes and Definitions

Written by Kriti

Full Semester range of Notes needed for the Final Pols1002 Exam (short and long answer) - relevant...

13 pages, 4475 words


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Phd in Political Science at the Australian National University. I study democratic theory, Australi...


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I'm a 5th year Bachelor of Laws (Hons)/Bachelor of International Relations student at ANU. I have be...


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Horrible subject. Seriously sub-par compared with two other "core" politics courses that I've taken t other universities. The only enjoyable part was James Frost's tutorials because he taught us more about politics than Banfield could ever imagine. Banfield just wanted to hear his words repeated to him.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Good introductory subject to politics. Lecturers can act over the top sometimes but genuinely enthusiastic. They really want students to do well. Ensure your research essay uses as much course concepts otherwise you'll be penalised. Michael Dalvean was a really fun and down-to-earth tutor.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016