Australian Consumer Law

Alex Bruce

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Lectures, Readings and Workshop Notes

Written by Olivia

These notes Have everything you need to do well in this course.

296 pages, 102757 words

Exam Cheat Sheet

Written by Olivia

Everything you need to take into the exam. Print 2 pages per page. they are colour coded to make i...

8 pages, 12517 words

Consumer Protection Lecture + Reading Summary

Written by Amy

Full summary structured in problem-solving steps Includes 1. Misleading/ Deceptive Conduct - s...

26 pages, 10049 words

Lecture and Reading Notes Consumer Law

Written by Ellie

Supplemented with notes taken in lectures, these notes contain the important points and bare bones o...

46 pages, 20488 words

Consumer Protection End of Semester Cheat Sheet

Written by Amy

5-page exam cheat-sheet summary with one free page for template answers Structured in problem-so...

6 pages, 6801 words

Summary of Consumer Law

Written by Parker

Consumer law 4 page (2 pages double sided) summary + relevant unannotated legislation. Summary c...

33 pages, 5487 words

LAWS4259 Exam Summary - Consumer Protection and Product Liability

Written by Jenny

Comprehensive, detailed notes optimised for the final exam (HD), taken in the Winter Session, 2018....

4 pages, 4286 words

Consumer Law Final Exam Summary

Written by Mark

Summary used for the consumer law exam contains all of the content from 12 weeks including lectures...

4 pages, 5993 words

Consumer Law Summary

Written by James

Contains detailed exam-style summaries on topics covering the Australian Consumer Law including; -...

4 pages, 3435 words


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