Uniform Evidence Law

Stephen Odgers

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Uniform Evidence Law

Stephen Odgers SC

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Uniform Evidence Law Guidebook

John Anderson, Anthony Hopkins

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HD Notes for Evidence (Final Exam)

Mark obtained with these notes for final exam: 95 (HD) These notes are colour-coded --> red (impo...

32 pages, 20000 words

Evidence Law Exam Notes

Exam notes I used for the final exam, which I scored 75+ on. Includes: Introduction - Facts, Pro...

34 pages, 20573 words

LAWS2207 Mid-Semester Exam Summary

Comprehensive, detailed notes used to achieve 20/20 for the mid-semester, 29/30 including short answ...

26 pages, 15334 words

LAWS2207 Final Exam Summary

Comprehensive, detailed notes optimised for the final exam (D), taken in Semester 2 2018. Have extra...

38 pages, 19454 words

HD Evidence Exam Notes

Final mark: 85 Contains summaries of all topics covered in Evidence exam and assessments (excludi...

34 pages, 13700 words

HD Evidence Exam Notes

Received an 80 with these concise notes covering all relevant legislation and cases Covering: -...

18 pages, 10840 words

Evidence Law Notes

Detailed notes of the entire course NOT an exam summary. Includes: Introduction - Facts, Proof and...

166 pages, 108537 words

LAWS2207 - Evidence Law

Comprehensive Evidence Law Notes Covering: 1. Introduction to evidence law 2. Proof 3. Function...

82 pages, 37178 words

Evidence Final Exam Study Guide

This is a comprehensive exam summary catered towards providing a step-by-step guide towards answerin...

36 pages, 12717 words


52 pages. Step by step exam notes Topics covered: -Basic principles of evidence -Relevance -Unf...

54 pages, 12583 words


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