Uniform Evidence Law

Stephen Odgers SC

For sale by Bee for $150

Uniform Evidence Law

Stephen Odgers, Elisabeth Peden, Miiko Kumar

For sale by Tanya for $100

Uniform Evidence Law Guidebook

John Anderson, Anthony Hopkins

For sale by Jenny for $20

Exam Templates

Written by Olivia

Answer templates - everything you need to ace the exam.

75 pages, 23111 words

LAWS2207 - Evidence Law

Written by Daniel

Comprehensive Evidence Law Notes Covering: 1. Introduction to evidence law 2. Proof 3. Function...

82 pages, 37178 words

Evidence Final Exam Study Guide

Written by Jessica

This is a comprehensive exam summary catered towards providing a step-by-step guide towards answerin...

36 pages, 12717 words

Complete Evidence Summary and Notes

Written by Ellie

A concise summary perfect for helping you for exam prep. Useful features include: a check list of al...

29 pages, 11432 words

Evidence Notes

Written by Mark

Includes 12 weeks of lectures and readings. Includes relevance, reviving memory, unfavorable witne...

19 pages, 7007 words

Evidence Exam Notes

Written by Amelia

Evidence Notes providing summaries of legislation and cases, and step-by-step procedures on how to t...

26 pages, 9258 words

LAWS2207 Final Exam Summary

Written by Jenny

Comprehensive, detailed notes optimised for the final exam (D), taken in Semester 2 2018. Have extra...

38 pages, 19454 words

LAWS2207 Mid-Semester Exam Summary

Written by Jenny

Comprehensive, detailed notes used to achieve 20/20 for the mid-semester, 29/30 including short answ...

26 pages, 15334 words

LAWS2207 Evidence Law Study Notes

Written by Emma

All lecture notes and reading notes from weeks 1-12 of the course. TOPIC LIST Introduction Addu...

17 pages, 10389 words

Evidence Law Summary

Written by James

Contains detailed notes and exam-style answer guides on rules of admissibility under the Uniform Evi...

14 pages, 4056 words


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