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Property Law Exam Notes

High quality and detailed exam notes, with everything you need for the final exam. Topics covered...

64 pages, 21815 words

HD Property Law Exam Notes

Final mark: 92 Contains concise summaries and skeleton answers for all topics covered in the Prop...

19 pages, 7275 words

Final Exam Summary - 3 A4 Pages

Torrens' system, challenging indefeasibility, losing/finding, fixture/chattel, registered v unregist...

5 pages, 3891 words

Property Law, end of semester cheat sheet

6-page exam cheat-sheet formatted according to steps in the problem-solving process. Covers whol...

6 pages, 8289 words

Property Law - HD Notes

6 Page Summary (as we were restricted) that got me HD for my overall mark Topics Include: - poss...

6 pages, 13462 words

LAWS2204 Property Study Notes

TOPIC LIST Introduction Possession and Personal Property Losing and Finding Abandonment of Title...

36 pages, 23671 words

Property Lectures and Exam Cheat Sheet

Everything you need to ace the exam. These notes helped me get a distinction! Lecture notes: 1- 2...

304 pages, 103575 words

Property Summary

Covers whole semester of Property Law content with examples and answers. Notes include: - What i...

114 pages, 59706 words

Property Notes

Very detailed summary of the content of the entire course Topics: What is property? Real property...

106 pages, 55127 words


Notes to help you ace the final exam 6 pages with all the course content Topic list: 1. Mortgag...

6 pages, 8145 words


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Good and interesting subject. The content was quite practical. The first three weeks are easy to understand and require minimal effort. However, from then onwards it becomes more strict in having to deal with equitable concepts. Try to read and study as much as you can during the semester as it is difficult to understand if you leave it until the end. Don't just rely on the lectures.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018