Corporations Legislation 2018

Edmund Finnane

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Understanding Company Law

Phillip Lipton

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Corporations Legislation 2018

Edmund Finnane

For sale by Zoe for $50

Understanding Company Law

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Understanding Company Law

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Corporations legislation 2015

Thomson Reuters

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Corporate Law Exam Notes + Processes

Written by Emma

Comprehensive notes compiled from textbook, lectures and tutorials. Includes Exam processes.

192 pages, 67285 words

Corporate Law - Exam Notes

Written by Airlie

These are the notes that I prepared for my final examination. They briefly cover the foundational to...

96 pages, 40159 words

Corporate Law HD Exam Notes

Written by Liam

Great reference notes for throughout the semester and exam. These were my final compiled notes that...

58 pages, 24473 words

Corporate Law Exam Checklists (Won Corporate Law prize)

Written by Luke

2 sets of checklists. Firstly, a general overview of each topic in the LAW 2505 course - each sub...

125 pages, 43972 words

Corporate Law Notes

Written by Ciana

This document consists of full lecture notes - including major topics like shares and directors' dut...

115 pages, 40930 words

Corporate Law Notes 80D

Written by Stefan

Comprehensive set of detailed notes comprising of all lectures, tutorials and set readings. Please...

224 pages, 94022 words

LAW 2505: Corporate Law Exam Notes 2018

Written by Zoe

These notes are extremely comprehensive and with them, I was able to achieve a distinction in the fi...

227 pages, 90092 words


Written by Dajana

Types of Business Structures Registration, Constitution, Replaceable Rules, ASIC Powers, Ethics...

70 pages, 26984 words

High Quality Colour-Coded Notes with Helpful Structure Set-out (Distinction Grade-76)

Written by Amiela

Colour-coded comprehensive notes with cases in red writing and footnotes containing case summaries o...

94 pages, 33800 words


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It is a legislation-heavy course. So, if you don't attend the weekly lectures/tutorials, it can feel like you're climbing a steep mountain. With that being said, the course was well-structured in the sense that it's like a journey - from the company's incorporation all the way to the company's death.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017