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Interesting set of revolutions to cover

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

I loved this subject!!! A great introductory history subject. Starts with Gareth Pritchard who easily the best lecturer in the History department. He lectured on the English Revolution. GO TO HIS LECTURES. Nothing compares to seeing them, and he is the only lecturer I've ever seen receive a standing ovation after a lecture. Next was the French Revolution, I can't recall the lecturers name but I learnt NOTHING from her (and is the main reason I only rate the subject 4 stars and not 5) - I recommend doing your own research in the library on the French Revolution instead of attending these lectures. Scientific Revolution was in the middle. American female lecturer, really passionate and knowledgeable about the subject. Made the whole thing easy to understand. Russian Revolution is taught by course coordinator Paul. Hilarious guy, very passionate about Russia, will show you holiday photos of his time there if you give him half the chance. I found this topic the second hardest to take interest in (after the epic fail that was French) but not because of Paul. I do recommend getting the book "The Russian Revolution" by Shelia Fitzpatrick as it made understanding everything a hell of a lot easier. Sexual Revolution was probably my favourite to study. We were cut short in our live lectures as the lecturer had to lecture overseas during this topic. They were really interesting lectures though, and worth rewatching. Lecturer was also very open to students asking questions during the lectures which was swell. Overall, I suggest you take this course if you're wanting to study history at uni. It's definitely one of the better courses offered by Adelaide.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015