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Great Expectations

Charles Dickens

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Good morning, everyone! Sound like something a teacher would say? That's because I'm studying a Bach...


Too many books to read but otherwise really well run and very interesting

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

Really enjoyed this subject. I encourage you to start your readings EARLY (ie before semester starts) and don't get behind. Make sure to take detailed notes of lectures because the lecturers tend to go into more detail than whats on the powerpoint and it's useful stuff. As for the books, I encourage you to buy Mrs Dalloway and Crying of Lot 49 second hand as it's very unlikely you will want to keep them. Great Expectations and Turn of the Screw are alright to enjoyable, depending on who you ask. Rapture is very short as it's just poetry, so could be read in the library in under half an hour, including taking any notes you might wish to. I enjoyed it and I bought the book, but Uni books price is ridiculous. Try book depository or Dymocks first.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015