Principles of Marketing

Armstrong, Gary et al

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MKTG100 weeks 1-10

ALL weeks 1-10 notes, with additional reading AND paragraphs highlighted in reference to what I was...

34 pages, 9161 words

MKTG1001: Principles of Marketing - Complete Notes for Mid Semester & Final

Personally, I found this subject quite difficult to get my head around at first. But after developin...

39 pages, 14502 words

MKTG 100: Principles of Marketing Notes

Notes taken from 'MKTG 100: Principles of Marketing' lectures.

68 pages, 14090 words

Principles of Marketing Notes

Extensive notes on all topics within MKTG100. Set out by weekly topics. Really helped me get my dist...

47 pages, 7240 words


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Basic marketing concepts, read the materials and you should be fine.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Dissapointing subject. Would have been a lot better with a more practical approach. For example, getting us to to apply marketing strategies rather than just memorise marketing terms.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015