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Cover of Frogs and Other Plays
Frogs and Other Plays ISBN: 9780140449693

Authors: Aristophanes

4 days ago
$10 Save 50%
Cover of Mrs Dalloway
Mrs Dalloway ISBN: 9780099470458

Authors: Virginia Woolf

4 days ago
$5 Save 67%
Cover of The Merchant of Venice
The Merchant of Venice ISBN: 9780198328674

Authors: Shakespeare, William

4 days ago
$5 Save 64%
Cover of Hedda Gabler and Other Plays
Hedda Gabler and Other Plays ISBN: 9780141195216

Authors: Henrik Ibsen

4 days ago
$5 Save 62%
Cover of Poetics
Poetics ISBN: 9780140446364

Authors: Aristotle, Malcolm Heath

4 days ago
$5 Save 71%
Cover of The Boundaries of Australian Property Law
The Boundaries of Australian Property Law ISBN: 9781107572652

Authors: Hossein Esmaeili, Brendan Grigg

6 days ago
$50 Save 60%
Cover of Chemistry3
Chemistry3 ISBN: 9780198733805

Authors: Andrew Burrows, Andrew Parsons, John Holman, Gareth Price, Gwen Pilling

1 week ago
$40 Save 62%
Cover of Community Development in an Uncertain World
$55 Save 34%
Cover of Sociology: A Down to Earth Approach
Sociology: A Down to Earth Approach ISBN: 9781442558830

Authors: Henslin, Possamai, Possamai

1 week ago
$10 Save 91%
Cover of Social Work Treatment
Social Work Treatment ISBN: 9780190239596

Authors: Francis J. Turner

2 weeks ago
$80 Save 31%
Cover of Contract
Contract ISBN: 9780455235981

Authors: Jeannie Marie Paterson, Andrew Robertson, Arlen Duke

2 weeks ago
$20 Save 88%
Cover of Principles of Contract Law
Principles of Contract Law ISBN: 9780455236001

Authors: Jeannie Marie Paterson, Andrew Robertson, Arlen Duke

2 weeks ago
$20 Save 88%
Cover of Hayes & Eburn Criminal Law and Procedure in New South Wales, 6th edition
$40 Save 72%
Cover of Criminal Laws, 7th Edition
Criminal Laws, 7th Edition ISBN: 9781760021795

Authors: David Brown, David Farrier, Luke McNamara, Alex Steel, Melanie Schwartz, Thalia Anthony, Arlie Loughnan

2 weeks ago
$45 Save 73%
Cover of Australian Criminal Justice
Australian Criminal Justice ISBN: 9780195521153

Authors: Mark Findlay, Stephen Odgers, Stanley Yeo

2 weeks ago
$50 Save 53%
Cover of Financial Accounting
Financial Accounting ISBN: 9781743767382

Authors: Craig Deegan

2 weeks ago
$60 Save 59%
Cover of Sensation and Perception
Sensation and Perception ISBN: 9781605356419

Authors: Jeremy Wolfe, Keith Kluender, Dennis M. Levi, Linda Bartoshuk, Rachel S. Herz, Roberta Klatzky, Daniel M Merfeld

2 weeks ago
$30 Save 84%
Cover of Experimental Design and Analysis 100013 (Custom Edition)
$20 Save 76%
Cover of Introduction to Social Psychology
Introduction to Social Psychology ISBN: 9781442527560

Authors: Vaughan & Hogg

2 weeks ago
$20 Save 86%
Cover of Psychology
Psychology ISBN: 9780470805527

Authors: Drew Westen, Lorelle J. Burton, Robin M. Kowalski

2 weeks ago
$30 Save 100%
Cover of Lifespan Development
Lifespan Development ISBN: 9780730301783

Authors: Robert J. Hoffnung, Cat Jeffrey Pausé, Rosanne Burton Smith, Alison Hine, Kelvin Seifert, Lynn Ward

2 weeks ago
$20 Save 83%
Cover of Health Psychology
Health Psychology ISBN: 9781319015862

Authors: Richard O. Straub

2 weeks ago
$30 Save 81%
Cover of Cognitive Psychology
Cognitive Psychology ISBN: 9781848724167

Authors: Michael W. Eysenck, Mark T. Keane

2 weeks ago
$20 Save 78%
Cover of Biopsychology, Global Edition
Biopsychology, Global Edition ISBN: 9781292158471

Authors: John P. J. Pinel, Steven Barnes

2 weeks ago
$30 Save 77%

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