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Thoroughly enjoyed this subject. Great learning activities, concepts and assignments making it easy to to succeed and pass. We had no exam which was both good and bad. Well organised and structured lessons.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

This subject is fairly easy in comparison to the other 3 subjects during this semester. Readings are given from different texts (no prescribed text) each week, as well as a reading guide which consists of 10-25 questions to help summarise the reading. There are a couple of online tutorials each week which involve your lecturer interacting with you through a chat-room type setup, and going through the questions to give additional information/clarification. I would suggest doing these each week. There is a quiz (on the readings/questions) at the start of every tut, which all contribute to a final assessment mark of 15-20%, so it is important to do the readings each week. Being tested each week really helps you keep up to date with readings, instead of leaving them all to the last week before exams. Lectures relate back to the readings. Each week has a new theory or idea in sport psychology, such as self efficacy theory or anxiety in sport. It is important to know what these main theories are/consist of, and who created them, as this is what the final exam will be on.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014