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Good overall unit. Provides the basics of nutrition and how it interacts with different types of training and competition. Discusses theories relating to weight loss and optimal performance. Practicals are interesting and challenging with body measurements, physiological testing completed in many of them. Having a decent understanding of chemistry would certainly have helped me in the unit, however it's not impossible to catch on pretty quickly if you focus well. In 2015, the lectures were all pre-recorded and completed at your own pace, which I found really helpful, as I could do the weeks lecture on the train on the way to uni. The only thing with that is it's important to take lots of notes on the lecture handouts to make sure you are able to fill in the blanks and not miss anything!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015

An alright unit overall. It gives you the basics behind nutrition and different types of training (strength, endurance), as well as conflicting theories of weight loss and optimum performance. Practicals are interesting, ranging from performing body measurements and metabolic testing on your classmates, to developing your own sports drinks. This subject is fairly heavy on chemistry in some areas, so background knowledge will be useful, however you don't need it to do well. I would suggest that lectures be attended as most of my notes came from what the lecturer said and discussions during the lecture, not what was written on the slides.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014