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400882: Introduction to Biomechanics - Exam Study Questions

Written by Dan

The Introduction to Biomechanics End of Semester Exam is most often based on a set of pre-establishe...

45 pages, 20415 words


Written by Tyrell

Exam preparation questions answered

16 pages, 5074 words

Introduction to Biomechanics

Written by Chris

Whole subject summarised into 10 pages with diagrams and example questions and solutions. Very e...

10 pages, 2556 words

Final Exam Prep Guide

Written by Tyrell

Topics from week 1-14 examination guide with answers

39 pages, 8277 words


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This subject is interesting but fairly intense. It mainly revolves around basic maths (predominantly trigonometry) and physics. Prior knowledge of these areas isn't required (though the basic principles may be helpful). As long as you go to classes and do the work it's quite easy to pass. I also highly recommend doing the readings as it explains the lecture content more concisely and shows you how to solve the math problems associated with each topic/principle.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014