Lifespan Development 3e Australasian

Michele Hoffnung, Robert J Hoffnung, Alison Hine, Kelvin L Seifert, Cat Pausé, Lynn Ward, Karen Swabey, Roasane Burton Smith, Karen Yates

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Lifespan Development and the Human Services Exam Study Notes

Written by Nicole

Includes all lecture topics: - The Lifespan Perspective/Intro to Unit - Prenatal - Infancy - Ear...

51 pages, 10968 words

Lifespan Development and the Human Services Notes

Written by Emma

Notes I wrote based on lectures I had attended as well as summarised information based on my textboo...

60 pages, 16408 words


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Can be quite interesting but the lectures are dry, the content can be overwhelming and the tutorials are mostly redundant.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014