Animal Sciences

John R. Campbell, M. Douglas Kenealy, Karen L. Campbell

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Introduction to Animal Science

W. Stephen Damron

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Textbook of veterinary anatomy

Keith M. Dyce, Wolfgang O. Sack, Cornelis Johannes Gerardus Wensing

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Animal Science Prac Notes

Collection of Prac images for Prac exam study.

80 pages, 100 words

Animal Science Lecture Notes

Just a collection of the whole semester plus practice questions and glossary.

139 pages, 10000 words

Animal Science

Notes from 300801 Animal Science with relevant diagrams

55 pages, 15400 words


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Overall a good beginners subject to the degree Animal Science or Zoology. Involves animal behaviour, reproductive system, sensory system, immune system, respiratory system, skeletal and muscular system, and nutrition and digestion. Pretty cool subject, has a lot of lab work with dissecting dead bird and animals.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014