Commercial Transactions Law

Ralph Melano

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Australian Consumer Law

Adrian Coorey

For sale by Alexander for $90

Commercial Transactions: Commentary and Materials


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Commercial Transactions Law

Thomson Reuters

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Commercial Transactions Law: Commentary and Materials

Melano/Thomson Reuters

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Mid semester notes

Written by David

Notes from the lectures and prescribed textbook: Australian Consumer Law by Adrian Coorey 1st ed. 20...

72 pages, 22275 words

Commercial Transaction Law Mid Semester Exam Notes

Written by Tom

Complete Mid Semester Exam Notes. Notes taken from textbook readings as well lecture materials....

56 pages, 18855 words

Commercial Transaction Law Final Exam Notes

Written by Tom

Complete final exam notes. Notes taken from summarising the textbook and taking notes in class....

69 pages, 26345 words

Australian Consumer Law

Written by Dolly Danielle

comprehensive notes and well-written. I include all the case summaries you will need and they are ea...

182 pages, 67847 words

Final Exam Notes

Written by Elsa

Comprehensive notes on Insurance, Agency, Credit Law, National Credit Code and Personal Properties S...

71 pages, 31661 words

Commercial Transactions Law (D Average Notes!!)

Written by Isabella

Strap yourself in. This was three 5th year distinction law students pride and joy. Countless hours s...

235 pages, 106044 words

Commercial Transactions Law FINAL EXAM Notes

Written by Emma

Comprehensive notes for the final exam in Commercial Transactions Law. These notes include all relev...

39 pages, 19356 words

Commercial Transactions Law MIDSEM EXAM Notes

Written by Emma

Comprehensive notes for the mid-semester exam. These notes include all relevant principles, the corr...

25 pages, 10574 words

Commercial Transaction Final Exam Notes

Written by Andrea

200814 Commercial Transaction notes I used for the final exam (does not contain notes for mid-semest...

75 pages, 42368 words

Commercial Transaction Notes

Written by Nathan

Easy, straightforward notes cheap.

32 pages, 9485 words


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Good unit. A LOT of content. However, the exams are fair and not excessively difficult.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Worst unit ever done. Rude and harsh unit coordinator.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016