Contract Law

Jeannie Marie Paterson, Andrew Robertson, Arlen Duke

For sale by Daniel for $40

Contract Law

Simon Kozlina

For sale by Madison for $80

Understanding Contract Law - 8th Edition

Yamouni, Y

For sale by Rick for $40

Contract Law

Des A. Butler

For sale by Rick for $35

Electronic Contracts, 2nd Edition

S. Blount

For sale by Rick for $65

Contract Law: Principles, Cases and Legislation

Simon Kozlina

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Nemes and Coss Effective Legal Research

Bruce Bott, Ruth Talbot-Stokes

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Contract Law: Principles, Cases and Legislation

Simon Kozlina

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Contract Law: Principles, Cases and Legislation

Simon Kozlina

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Contract Law - Principles, Cases and legislation

Simon Kozlina

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Contracts exam notes

Written by Daniel

Covers the whole topic except for mistake and illegality. Perfect to take into the exam if you are...

41 pages, 15814 words

CONTRACTS-Complete Case Summaries by Topic

Written by Annette

I've got each case in order by topic, with a comprehensive summary the facts, issue, and reasoning f...

1 pages, 2000 words

Contract Law Final Exam Notes

Written by Tom

Extremely detailed Contract Law Notes prepared for the final exam.

95 pages, 34874 words

Contract Law Exam Templates

Written by Sabrina

These are not full notes, they're templates to answer problem questions. I ended up getting 43/55 in...

17 pages, 5416 words

Contracts Law Full Notes

Written by Richard

Contracts Law full notes for the final exam. Has information in every section and gives the relevant...

49 pages, 24466 words

Contracts Final Exam Notes

Written by Victoria

These 200011 - Contracts notes got me the highest mark in the course. I have summarised all the...

39 pages, 16932 words

Contract Law Exam Notes

Written by Patrick

I received 1st Place with these notes. Really easy to follow.

19 pages, 9096 words

Contracts Law Exam Summary

Written by Lucas

This is a summary of all notes. Contains all examinable material. Is a simpler version, with only...

23 pages, 9260 words

Contracts Law Full Notes

Written by Lucas

These notes are extremely detailed, taken throughout the entire semester, written in basic English t...

97 pages, 42872 words

Contract Law Final Examination Notes

Written by Maria

Comprehensive set of notes for UWS 200011 Contracts. In a step by step format for responding to pro...

28 pages, 8004 words


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Great unit! Easy to understand and Sarah is fantastic tutor.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

A very enjoyable subject with great teachers but the content is vast. You need to know your cases for the final exam. I believe it has a high fail rate

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

By all means attend classes and take note of what the teacher says via the summaries of topics. There is a heavy load of cases in this subject. However, in the final exam, you need to know the main cases which can be narrowed down to 20-30 cases. A moderately hard subject with a 30-45% failure rate so be sure to pass!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016