Interpreting our heritage

Freeman Tilden, R. Bruce Craig

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Health Psychology: A Textbook

Ogden, Jane

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An Introduction to Health Psychology in Australia

Butow, Mullan, White

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Introduction to Health Psychology in Australia

Butow, Mullan, White, Morrison & Bennett

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HD STUDENT COMPLETE NOTES - Psychology and Health

Written by Tiarne

Great notes for the unit psychology and health. Includes notes from lectures and readings. Compre...

63 pages, 12090 words

101614: Psychology and Health - Complete study guide

Written by Jodie

Covers all Lecture Content - Introduction to Psychology & Health - Psychology & Health - Models o...

23 pages, 5583 words


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Easy to get decent marks if you just read through the lectures for the finals. However, there are extra readings that are needed for the finals if you want a high distinction. The assignments require a bit of work but are easy to get good marks in.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Terrible unit. I had to rely pretty much on the textbook alone. There was no face to face lectures (all online) and it was pretty much useless for the finals. The textbook for this unit will become your bible. Everything else will be of minimal use.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014