Ethics: Theory and Practice Pearson International Edition

Thiroux, Krasemann*

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Sex and Ethics: young people and ethical sex

Carmody, Moira

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Ethics in Social Science

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Includes comprehensive notes for the lectures taken in this unit. Topic list: Introduction to M...

57 pages, 20643 words

Ethics in Social Sciences - Revision

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These notes contain detailed revision notes, which are extremely useful when studying for exams. Th...

6 pages, 2335 words

Ethics in Social Sciences - an Overview

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Includes a comprehensive overview for the following topics: What is Ethics?; Impartial and Detac...

4 pages, 1320 words

Ethics in Social Sciences - Study Notes

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Consequentialism - definition, theories (defined, comprehensive, easy-to-understand). Non-conseque...

5 pages, 1076 words


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This is very practical and down to earth subject. I found it was especially designed for young people like you.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2012

I really enjoyed this unit. The lectures are interesting, the tutorials are very interactive and beneficial and the content is interesting (at least it is to me). You'll find this to be a subject that will make you think about your own ethical perspectives.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014