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Advanced Topics in Psychology (Lecs & Tuts) - Neuropsychological Disorders + Mimicry & Synchrony

Written by Kit Wing

Layout: Dot points and headings for each topic Content: Part 1 - Parkinsons, schizophrenia, dep...

46 pages, 10001 words

ATP Lecture Notes

Written by Jenn

All notes for the ATP lecture for Semester 1 of 2019. These notes cover the following topics (in o...

22 pages, 5880 words

Neuropsychological disorders

Written by Sandra

Advanced topics in psychology: Topic C - Neuropsychological disorders

26 pages, 20000 words

Topics in Legal Psychology

Written by Sandra

Topic A: Legal Psychology notes

14 pages, 4000 words

Advanced Topics Lecture, Tutorial and Reading Summaries

Written by Aimee

These notes include detailed summaries of the lectures, tutorials and readings for Developmental Psy...

147 pages, 40632 words


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