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SSEH2270 Notes

Written by Bea

Comprehensive notes from the whole semester, which cover the following topics: Competition and Coop...

54 pages, 17110 words

Psychosocial Aspects of Sport, Exercise and Health

Written by Darshan

Covers all topics(every lecture) and examinable material in detail. Key points are highlighted. Topi...

42 pages, 8898 words

Exam notes

Written by Summer

Exam notes covering all the key topics, including competition & cooperation, identification theories...

38 pages, 6637 words

SSEH2270 Final Exam Notes (Mark = 97% HD)

Written by Alex

These are fully comprehensive detailed notes from the entire semester and include all relevant diagr...

51 pages, 12900 words


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A very enjoyable unit, however be aware of the 30-40 minute group presentation, in which you aren't allowed to choose the groups

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018