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Unit is great for the self driven as content is often either over explained, explained in reverse or not explained at all. Pros to this unit, there is no exam

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

This unit has two components: biostatistics and epidemiology. For the biostats component, you have 1 assignment (25%), 2 mcq tests of 12 questions (15% each). You are required to keep on top of lectures/tutorials, which most people don't since the tutorials were optional in the first-half of the course. This led to a high fail rate in the mcq tests, in which the course coordinator have to moderate the scores. I think they could have made the tutorials compulsory and also focused on going through the biostats part of the tutorial questions, which they didn't and only focus on teaching you on how to use SPSS. The second component is epidemiology. You have tutorial participation (5%), 1 assignment (20%) and 1 mcq test (20%). Tutorial participation is largely about voicing your thoughts in class when the tutor calls your name up. The assignment was less tedious than the biostats component, but higher chance to score lower because there's more explanation questions. The final mcq test requires a lot of reading the question properly, which I ended up messing up despite doing well for the practice tests. Mcq test= do practice test, if you do badly, go revise more in-depth. Ask questions about the tutorial in class. Assignment= do with a friend or two, but make sure you don't get the same explanation. The general SPSS output and calculation can be fairly identical, so it's fine to follow. Tutorial participation= ask questions and answer questions when you are called upon. Easy to get a high score without being highly enthusiastic. Overall, I managed to hit a HD wam with messing up only one of the major component, the final mcq test. In order to hit HD, you are only allowed to mess up one part. Focus on scoring for both assignments, because of the high weightage.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

Fairly interesting and useful information if you're a pop health student, but not really what i would call fun. The biostats part is quite challenging if you've never done anything with stats before, but the epi section is a bit more chill. I wouldn't recommend doing it if isn't a core unit for you though.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018