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PSYC2212 Text Book Summary/Notes for Exam

Written by Christopher

Detailed textbook notes for the final exam, the chapter order is based on the lecture covered. Th...

33 pages, 9636 words

PSYC2212 Exam Notes

Written by Jasmine

Notes for all the lectures covered in the final exam, with a glossary of all the key words used in t...

119 pages, 28939 words

Social Psychology Notes

Written by Adriano

These notes were taken during Social Psychology lectures in 2014. The lecturer was Professor Nichola...

42 pages, 10000 words


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Do not do this uint, in fact, DO NOT choose any PSYC unit that is organised/taught by Nicolas Fay, he does not know how to organise a unit, and what's the learning agenda of a student. Everything is vaguely instructed, the course has no constructive learning purpose. Especially the assignment is even hard than year 3 PSYC assignments with barely any detailed instruction. Choose at your own risk.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

If you don't have a stats background, i would avoid this unit. We had to use SPSS to obtain data for both lab reports and then interpret the findings. Overall, the content is quite interesting.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016