Social Psychology

Myers, David

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Social Psychology

Myers, David

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PSYC2212 Exam Notes

Written by Nadia

These notes were written PSYC3312, the 3rd year equivalent to PSYC2212. However, as the content is t...

129 pages, 38603 words

PSYC2212 Exam Notes

Written by Jasmine

Notes for all the lectures covered in the final exam, with a glossary of all the key words used in t...

119 pages, 28939 words

PSYC2212 Notes

Written by Elizabeth

My notes prepared me thoroughly for the third year version of this unit (PSYC3312). I understand thi...

24 pages, 11072 words

Social Psychology Notes

Written by Adriano

These notes were taken during Social Psychology lectures in 2014. The lecturer was Professor Nichola...

42 pages, 10000 words


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I have a first class honours degree in psychology and a commerce degree. I received high distinction...


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I have a bachelor of Commerce majoring in marketing and my second major in social psychology. I'm...


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If you don't have a stats background, i would avoid this unit. We had to use SPSS to obtain data for both lab reports and then interpret the findings. Overall, the content is quite interesting.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016