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PSYC2209 - Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Written by Luke

Notes taken from lectures and labs throughout the PSYC2209 unit

44 pages, 10417 words

PSYC2209 Exam Notes

Written by Jasmine

Notes for all the lectures covered in the final exam. Notes are highly detailed in a format that is...

74 pages, 17344 words

Industrial & Organisational Psychology Notes

Written by Gabriella

Comprehensive and detailed notes taken from PSYC2209 lectures, Sem2 2014. All integral elements...

38 pages, 4574 words

PSYC2209/PYSC3309 Industrial and Organisational Psychology

Written by Georgia

Lecture notes + notes from the textbook (Work in the 21st Century 3rd ed.) Highly detailed, organ...

23 pages, 5388 words


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