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This unit is very difficult if this is your first exposure to physics, which was kinda the whole point of a bridging course so it’s pretty unnecessarily hard. I found the lecturer very difficult to follow and ended up getting a tutor who was very helpful. It was surprising to me how simple many of the concepts were but the lecturer explained it in the most complex and roundabout way while never explaining the absolute basics that made understanding higher levels very difficult. Again this would be fine for someone who has previous experience in physics but I didn’t, this is a bridging unit made the *bridge* that gap in knowledge. Tests and assignments range from manageable to very hard. Labs are thankfully pretty easy but I also have a lot of experience in labs from chemistry so YMMV. Despite all my difficulties I still managed to pass pretty easily, however if your goal is to actually gain a thorough understanding of the content for your major I would definitely recommend a tutor and/or further study. All in all I would only recommend this unit if you absolutely need it or have previous experience in physics. The lack of exam is pretty nice as well.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

A really interested and well-organised bridging unit! The lecturer was fantastic, always making the content very interesting and explaining difficult concepts in ways which we could grasp them. No exam - bonus! But, there are 22 assessments in the form of labs, weekly assignments and tests. The tests are pretty easy, though (except for one), so its a very manageable HD. Keep up with the lectures and the reading so that you can go to the tutes with lots of questions and keep on top of the assigned work! I don't even need this unit for what I am studying and did it just for the joys of learning and am really happy I did!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Good unit if you enjoy physics and are willing to put the time in. If this is your first exposure to physics, make sure you allocate 5-6 hours per week to complete the weekly homework.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016