Rang & Dale's Pharmacology

Humphrey P. Rang, James M. Ritter, Rod J. Flower, Graeme Henderson

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Rang & Dale's Pharmacology

Humphrey P. Rang, James M. Ritter, Rod J. Flower, Graeme Henderson

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Rang & Dale's Pharmacology

Humphrey P. Rang, James M. Ritter, Rod J. Flower, Graeme Henderson

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Comprehensive PHAR2210 Semester Notes

Written by Matthew

Information from research(readings provided by uni) and lectures compiled under specific learning ob...

59 pages, 18812 words

PHAR2210 Lecture Notes

Written by Naser

Detailed lecture notes covering all the material covered in the unit and included in the exam - note...

45 pages, 20079 words


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Hello, I am a second year Pharmacology and Biochemistry student in UWA. CHIN1401/CHIN1402 你好(...


Weird unit. The exam is worth 60% and the 2 tests are only worth 5% each. Compared to other majors the content is actually quite thorough and relevant to future material in postgrad and is very interesting. Phil is a great lecturer and presents it all in a way that makes you look forward to writing notes, but he does take his time explaining things so it might be a trek if you're not that interested in pharmacology. This unit could easily be restructured and the assessments should simply be scrapped and redone. The labs aren't directly assessed; you submit lab reports 2 weeks later that are mostly focused on research rather than the lab material itself, and they are marked super harshly! You aren't given much warning on this and there's not much guidance on what you're meant to do. Be prepared to be shocked by your mark if you format your references wrong. The research assignment has the potential to be an interesting topic but is far too broad and once again not much guidance is given. Tests and the exam are exclusively based on rote learning. It might sound wanky to say but I wish the short answer questions actually tested our understanding rather than regurgitate drug names and "types of hepatotoxicants". I did well in the unit but it didn't feel very thorough or satisfying. My tip is to remember everything when they give a numbered list and ALL drugs they give. I was very frustrated when they asked for drug names that weren't highlighted in the lectures.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

Was happy that I ended up with a 91. I agree that this unit is very content heavy as a lot of memorisation is required. (Eg: Different types of antibacterial drugs, their mechanism, possible side effects, mechanism of side effects, etc) However, I find lecture13-24 really interesting, it's about toxicology and chemotherapy-antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal drugs. Lecture 1-12 is about pharmacokineticsc(absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion) and pharmacodynamics(receptors). I find them harder as they are more theoretical. The lab reports and research assignment took me a lot of time. Lab reports are doable as long as you address the question guidelines and relate/interpret your references with the questions. The research assignment is harder because we need to pick the drugs and topics to discuss by ourselves (within certain guidelines). I wouldn't recommend it as an elective but I think hard work pays off for this unit. The unit coordinator is nice and responsive to emails. The lecturers are great too, especially Phil in lecture13-24.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

Despite having only 2 hours of lectures a week this unit is very content heavy. However the primary lecturer, Phil, does a great job explaining it all and is possibly one of the best lecturers at UWA. The content is organised extremely well. Both of the labs require a proper scientific report with research, which can feel like quite a lot of work for only 5% of the total grade. Other assessments include: a computer lab, where you use a simple program and answer questions, 2 25 minute tests which you do on a computer, a "lab skills test" where you do some dilutions and calculations. The final exam is heavy on short answer and the exam preparation materials don't fully prepare you for them, so make sure to be able to explain the topics in depth. I wouldn't recommend the unit to anyone outside the major unless you have a strong work ethic or passion for pharmacology. ... Also some good memes... K E V I N

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

A content heavy but enjoyable unit, don't take it unless you are prepared to work though. Ricky is a firm but fair unit coordinator, and the unit itself is very well organised. There are a lot of intricacies to the content, and so remembering all the details can be a bit difficult, but overall it is ok. The labs were good and reports aren't hard to do well in provided you follow the instructions, the tests are good provided you prepare and the workshop is fine if you do the practise one a couple of times. My main issue is with the research essay, there is not much guidance given as to the structure or scope of it, only that if your essay falls outside of the scope you will get a max mark of 50%. In short, this is an interesting unit to take, but preparation is key and there are no easy marks.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

I personally found the content in this unit really interesting and there’s only two hours of lectures per week so content-heavy wise it’s okay. Like if this unit is the heaviest content unit you’re doing then it’ll be fine but if you’re only doing it as an elective and your other units are content heavy then I would be weary. What I did not like however, was the fact that there are so many tiny assignments that take up so much of your time (reading proper research articles etc) yet they are only worth 2, 3, 6% and the two in class tests are only worth 5% each! I thought the exam was fair though despite what I’ve heard from previous years and provided you studied everything and felt like you had a good grasp on the stuff you would be fine.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

If Ricky Chen is your unit coordinator, just change units unless you want lab reports that would get 100% in scie1106 scoring you 60%

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Do the research assignment beforehand. Keep up with lectures. Exam MCQ and SAQ include contents through out the lecture notes, would recommend to remember as much as you can. Overall it is interesting, Ricky, Suraj and Ke are very fun to work with.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

This is a hard unit to place... On the one hand, Ricky runs this unit really well and the labs are great. For the most part lecture content is well delivered and the lab reports, while challenging, are pretty good. My biggest gripe was the lack of preparation given for the final exam. The MCQ quizzes throughout the semester give great preparation for that component, but there's absolutely no prep for the SA component which is worth heaps and a lot of us felt blindsided. It's also the only one of my four level 2 units that didn't make any practice/past exam papers available. I wanted to love this unit, but I feel like it needs work.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015

Interesting unit, but there is a fair bit of information to remember. This is a reasonably full on unit, still, as with everything, if you put in the effort you will get the results. The labs are great as is the lab demonstrator, Ricky.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014