Pathology at a Glance

Caroline Finlayson, Barry Newell

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I found this unit really interesting, but found the content quite difficult. I did this unit without having done PATH2210 but still did quite well, and I felt that Sonia was really organised. The unit had weekly quizzes, a mid-semester exam, a final exam, and an assignment. I highly recommend going to the tutorials even though they aren’t compulsory, because that stuff is in the weekly quizzes and pop up in the test and exam. The test was quite easy and if you studied then the exam was alright to. The assignment on breast cancer was the worst part because it was marked extremely hard and the average was 61%. Still my favourite unit for the semester, with content that I found will be quite useful.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

If you search "great organisation" on google, PATH2220 really should be the first result. As stated by a previous review, each week you do a different disease process (eg. one week is cardiovascular diseases and another week will be immune disorders). You have 3 lectures on the topic, a 2 hour tutorial and an online multi-choice test (that has NO time limit) on the content of the tutorial. The unit has a strong clinical focus and tutorials are built around real situations. Sonia is a fantastic unit coordinator who is friendly and does a great job at making the unit and content flow fluidly. Other assessments include a 1500 word assignment on breast cancer and mid semester exam. Both exams are composed of 50% MCQ and 50% short answer. This unit would be the definition of perfect except for two things I hope they rectify in later years, 1: no feedback on the assignment (only general cohort feedback), 2: no practice material for the final exam. I would strongly recommend this unit to anyone interested in the diagnostic side of healthcare, or any biomed major as the content covers a wide variety of diseases and disorders, making it have a little bit of every major in it somehow.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

Interesting lots to remember. Kinda difficult. More memory

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

2015 version of this unit was a dramatic improvement over the 2014 one. Extremely interesting and I liked the teaching style - you learn about one disease process per week, followed by the pathologies of 2 example diseases using this process, a weekly lab/workshop that reinforces what you learnt, and finally a weekly quiz on the topic. Each weekly topic is taught by different clinicians/scientists who are experts in the topic, so the information is very up-to-date. Exams were a little tough but they were fair (yes, you do need to know those histology pictures for the final). Only downside is the lecturers and unit coordinator are very inaccessible due to their schedules.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015