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Tutorial Model Answers

Model answers taken from each tutorial. Good for exam and also in class.

49 pages, 18385 words

LAWS3328 Exam Notes (90+)

These notes helped me to achieve 93% in the unit. They cover the following topics: Incoterms; th...

56 pages, 17227 words

LAWS3328: Comprehensive Full Semester Notes

These notes are comprehensive, easy to follow and well-structured. Relevant provisions and a signifi...

78 pages, 41275 words

International Commercial Law Notes Package

Comprehensive notes on major examinable aspects of the unit. The notes integrate theory as well as l...

80 pages, 18760 words

International Commercial Law

Comprehensive notes compiled from presentations from Camilla Anderson and Samuel Raj

102 pages, 30123 words

LAWS3328 International Commercial Law Notes (2016)

These are my LAWS3328 International Commercial Law notes I made throughout the course of semester 1,...

130 pages, 34600 words

International Commercial Law Unit Notes

Comprehensive notes taken from every lecture and supplemented with textbook notes. The exam is open...

77 pages, 37562 words

Exam Notes for International Commercial Law

Notes I used for the open book exam.

18 pages, 9556 words


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The content was interesting and only somewhat difficult towards the end of the semester when you start to learn about documentary credit however the lecturer rarely finished lectures on time as he would go off topic regularly and so each lecture would begin with the end of the one before. The lecturer was not particularly good at answering questions either.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014