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Marketing & The Law Exam Notes

Comprehensive LAWS3308 notes on major examinable aspects of LAWS3308. The notes integrate theory...

81 pages, 17565 words

Marketing, Management and the Law

Comprehensive notes compiled from presentations by Peter Sinden and Tracey Atkins

113 pages, 35962 words

LAWS3308 NOTES: Marketing, Management & the Law

Comprehensive notes compiled from lecture slides, and my own reading of the textbook. Topics cov...

112 pages, 38832 words


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Positives: - The group aspect was nice, especially after so many of the same law units. - If you get a good group this unit can be really good and chill. - The portfolios when broken up amongst members honestly isn't that much. - Quizzes are pretty chill. - Negatives: - Lecturers don't really do much and because there are 2 the marking can be a bit uneven. - This is a very independent unit, your group essentially does every from writing the questions to answering the questions you've written. - You kind of need to have at least one artistic member. - The reflection was marked kind of harshly and worth too much for a reflection. - This, running the same time as tax law, is a god damn nightmare.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2023