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Administrative Laws Exam Summary

Written by Amy

Covers final exam content and templates in answering problem questions. Sample answers are also pres...

14 pages, 5119 words

LAWS2201: Concise exam notes

Written by Tasha

The notes are well structured and organised proficiently and cases are well elaborated These are...

23 pages, 9848 words

LAWS2201 Master Notes (HD)

Written by Jennifer

Using these notes, I was able to achieve a High Distinction in this unit. These notes provide an...

62 pages, 26894 words

LAWS2201: Comprehensive set of lecture notes

Written by Shriya

Full set lecture notes Bonus exam prep section: showing you how to answer each question (step-by...

82 pages, 31228 words

Comprehensive notes on Legal Framework of Business

Written by Ada

Summarized notes on all the topics that will be in the exam.

9 pages, 3597 words

Legal Framework of Business

Written by Dovi

- Very descriptive and detailed - Easily understood and organised proficiently - Cases are ident...

43 pages, 16000 words

Legal Framework of Business Notes

Written by Clancy

Notes from lectures and additional reading from textbook. Bankruptcy, trusts, agency, contract of...

74 pages, 28918 words


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