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Introduction to Forensic Science

Written by Alexa

Complete notes with pictures from slides, lectures and the book Module 1: Crime Scene Investigat...

40 pages, 15253 words

Mysteries of Forensic Science Lecture Notes

Written by Niamh

This is the third version of my FNSC2200 lecture notes, created in OneNote as part of my exam study....

21 pages, 14300 words


$20 per hour

I am a graduate of Pathology & Lab Medicine from UWA. I've tutored uni students for over a year in p...


$25 per hour

Hi, I'm a second-year student at UWA majoring in Medical Sciences. As a tutor I'll do my best to...


Changing from live lectures to online lectures was a joke! As international students, we paid $5,000 to listen to the 'lecturers' reading off their scripts in an absolute FLAT tone, without trying to keep the students engaged at all! Seriously? Even a presentation done by a student is much better than this (the tone, the interaction with audience). Apart from the forensic knowledge they possess, these 'lecturers' should do a course to learn how to 'present'! No practical skills were learnt throughout the unit (we didn't even get to see a microscope in the tutorial that we were supposed to learn about ‘Microscope’!) I think they shouldn't have removed the police lectures this semester, these live lectures will make the unit far more interesting and allow us to learn more practical skills. They were giving excuses about not having enough funds, or not able to match the schedule with the police, etc. Come on, please stop giving those clichéd excuses! We paid for the unit, if you think you couldn’t provide us with the best learning outcome and experience, don't even teach it this year, teach it next time when you are fully prepared! As mentioned by previous reviewer, the assignment (lab report) is EXTREMELY time-consuming. You would need to write about 30 pages with over 6,000 words, and the marking was EXTREMELY harsh with literally NO feedback provided on the analysis you performed! Stay away from this unit, if you don’t want a 6,000-word assignment and a series of EXTREMELY BORING online lectures. This is definitely NOT a unit you would want to take, just because you like NCIS. To the ‘lecturers’, if you’re seeing this, please go and learn some presentation techniques to keep your audience engaged!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

The lecturers did not seem interested in the content they were talking about, and the assignment was the most time-consuming thing ever. Unless they change the assignment, I highly DO NOT recommend this unit.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

This was a highly enjoyable unit in all regards. The lectures were easy to follow, and interesting enough, while the labs were very practical/hands-on, allowing us to apply our knowledge learnt from lectures into a potential real life 'situation'. The exam is easy to prepare for if you study the content well. If you like NCIS, this unit is for you.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015