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Mysteries of Forensic Science Lecture Notes

This is the third version of my FNSC2200 lecture notes, created in OneNote as part of my exam study....

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It was a good unit. Easy marks if you understand the topics. However, there is only limited help from tutors.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2023

Super interesting, easy and enjoyable unit overall. Highly recommend taking this class if you’re looking for something with a light workload and engaging topics.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2023

Overall, I'd recommend this unit. According to tutors the exam was removed after suggestion from surveys, which makes this units assessments a walk in the park. Yes, the lectures were dry with one of the lecturer's sounding so depressed that I thought she was on death row. However, given that the lectures are only assessed through online tests (lots of time) or in-class (with help from tutors and you can have the slides up), you can just watch them all on 2x speed and disregard 90% of what is said because all that matters is written on the slides! The tutors in the labs were great: friendly, knowledgeable, and lenient markers. The unit is structured in 4 modules with an online test worth 10% at the end of each module, and they're open online for 24 hours with 45 mins to complete 30 MCQs (which is more than enough time, though some questions get slightly tricky with wording or reference info not on the slides). The only other assessment is a research poster worth 20% which wasn't very difficult. Because of the leniency of the assessments, I really enjoyed this unit and it's definitely a GPA-booster, but some of the information is a bit boring (and delivered 10x more boring than it is). Also note that due to the nature as a FORENSICS unit there are some gruesome images in a few slides, warnings are given but keep that in mind. I recommend! P.S. there's a lab early-on where you get to test your blood type which I thought was rly cool :3

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2023

Pretty boring unit. Easy but it suffers from a lack of engagement stemming from the iterative lectures. Labs were interesting but the lectures were so dry. They felt so monotone and completely void of any personality. Easy exam. easy tests. Yes this is the easy HD you were looking for but at the cost of your very sanity. Somewhat paradoxical but you will get it if you do the unit.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2022

Overall, a boring but easy unit. The lectures (and labs) are very dry- the lectures contained far too much unnecessary and unassessed content and I thought they were poorly taught. Some may find the content interesting, but I did not. The good news is that you don't actually have to watch the lectures to do well in this unit. The labs are based on the lectures, but a fifteen-minute google search on the topic will prepare you for the labs. The labs were the most engaging part of this unit, but I still did not find them particularly interesting. In each of the four LMS quizzes (5% each), it is very easy to do well if you 'control-f' your way through the lecture PowerPoint while taking the quiz. The same can be done with the exam. Other than turning up to the labs, I put very little effort into this unit and was able to do reasonably well.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2022

Overall great and exciting unit. Quizzes and labsheets were very straight forward and relatively easy to do, from a subjective point of view. The online labs were quick to understand and get through (they usually posted the labsheets for this the day before, so you can sort of speedrun it any%.) The lab tutor I had was engaging, helpful and quick to responses with any clarifications I had regarding the assignments and/or exam-related questions. I highly recommend you to take this unit if you haven't yet, as it is stress-free to get through.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

Love this unit. Cannot recommend this enough. The workshop was really handy, really fun especially if you’ve formed a bond with your table group. The tute, unit coordinators and other staff were really helpful. They are all very nice and always ready to support and assist!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

This unit was a relatively fun and easy elective. The labs were low-stress and enjoyable and you’ll probably make some friends as you sit with the same group each week. The assessments were all quite achievable (there is no huge lab report like in past years). I did find many of the lectures overly technical/detailed given the assessments themselves were not very in-depth and could've honestly been condensed.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

Favourite unit I have taken. It is structured great and assignments are manageable and keep you engaged. The in class labs are great being very hands on learning and easy to make friends as you sit with the same group the whole semester. Would recommend this to anyone even if you have no past experience in the subject area.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

I liked the in person lab classes (probably because i made a great group of uni friends) but the lectures are appalling. They were all online and rambled on about irrelevant material. you actually had no idea what would be in the final exam as there was no guidance.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021