Financial Planning in Australia

Sharon Maria Taylor, Roger H. Juchau

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FINA2209 - Financial Planning

Written by Nick

I am selling my notes for Financial Planning (FINA2209) from Semester 2, 2018. These notes summarise...

66 pages, 12391 words

FINA2209 Financial Planning Complete Notes

Written by Jess

Full semester notes. Topics: - The Financial Planning Industry - Financial Planning Processes a...

56 pages, 20421 words

FINA2209 Mid Semester Exam Notes

Written by Jamie

These notes cover all the important content for the unit in the first half of the semester before th...

4 pages, 744 words

Financial Planning

Written by Ognjen

Full comprehensive notes, including mathematical models/calculations. NOTE: some of the marginal...

32 pages, 6934 words

Comprehensive Financial Planning Notes

Written by Zachary

FINA2209 notes based off the textbook and lecture slides. I made sure that I had excellent preparat...

30 pages, 6760 words

Financial Planning full semester course notes

Written by Jackie

A very detailed review of the whole FINA2209 course- everything you need to know for the final exam...

52 pages, 8456 words


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This unit should be named "personal financial planning", it might only be useful if you pursue a career in that area. tutorial questions are almost not related to lecture content, cannot find answers to the tutorial questions. Some questions are very abstract. In terms of the equations given the lecturer did not give any meaningful explanation so it does not make sense to memorize these equations. Many lecture contents are very abstract as well without much explanation. It is ridiculous that some comments are misleading, as long as a unit does not involve difficult math, then someone would say it is a "good unit". Please do not be mislead, as you will learn nothing useful in this unit. Whenever a unit is difficult in math, then people are mean in comments on that unit, regardless of if that unit is useful or not. Please use your judgement.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

Easily the easiest finance unit in the finance major. It's predominantly theory based, and there's calculations here and there but they're all pretty simple. The tute questions are VERY close to the exam questions, know those and you should be fine, and also study the lecture slides.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017