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Comprehensive Rise of the Global Economy Notes

Based off the ECON2105 lecture slides and textbook. Supplemented with readings both prescribed and...

25 pages, 5705 words


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Most awful uncoordinated unit with a tutor who didn't even know the content and quit after 4 weeks. Paul just sent out YouTube videos from over a year ago, no actual lectures and a third of tutorials didn't even cover course content. Unit outline was broken all semester and content was really weird, not about a global economy, mainly about random economic policy. Stay away.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2023

Thought this was meant to be "Rise of the Global Economy", seemed more like "Monetary Policy". Hated the online lectures, they'd go for 2.5 hours split over half a dozen videos just to discuss like 11 slides. Ridiculous. Assessments for the unit weren't finalised until like week 4. Our tutor was constantly chasing Paul up to try and figure out what the hell was going on. Sloppily designed assessment timetable meant that between the two in-class tests and reviewing them, we missed four tutorials, plus the final tutorial was a review and of course the first tutorial can always get written off. So that means we only actually had in-person classes for 6 of the 12 content weeks. Horrific. Why lecturers refuse to run in person lectures is beyond me, in Paul's case it's possibly because he wants to speak far longer than lecture slots would ever allow. Strongly recommend avoiding this unit. No idea how it has become so highly rated at UWA despite being utter garbage.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2023

Tutorial solutions were not released, only for some weeks. Overall, very poorly managed unit.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2023

Really enjoyable unit. I did this in my first year. Lectures were in the form of a series of YouTube videos that did get a bit long-winded at times. However, the topics covered were very interesting and easily understandable. The lecture slides, however, had minimal information/ notes, forcing you to watch the lecture videos, but they were very in-depth. There was only one assignment and a final exam. Both were very easy. Paul went through each step of the assignment very thoroughly and provided feedback for each section of the assignment - very easy to do well in the assignment with minimal effort. The final exam was the EXACT same as the mock exam (with reversed wording) However the same concept of questions and was pretty easy to get an HD. It may bias me as i do have previous high school economics knowledge. However, the topics are covered so thoroughly in both the tutorials and lecture/ YouTube videos that with some hard work anyone can get up to speed. Paul is a very caring and informative lecturer who actually wants to help his students and is very thorough with all his work. The tutor was also very helpful and informative. Hope this helps!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2022

This unit was super easy going! I really enjoyed the content and Andrew was an awesome lecturer and made the content easy to understand. There were fortnightly tests but if you had watched the lectures and done the work,getting a HD in them was not difficult at all. The tutorials were also super fun with lot's of discussion. The only down side was the group assignment, but the biggest factor with any group project is whether you get a good group or not. The actual assignment question was straightforward and not complex at all. We were able to do peer reviews to influence our grades so that was good. No exam as well which is nice. Would recommend to do this unit as it isn't too time consuming, yet is still pretty interesting.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021