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Comprehensive Rise of the Global Economy Notes

Based off the ECON2105 lecture slides and textbook. Supplemented with readings both prescribed and...

25 pages, 5705 words


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This unit was super easy going! I really enjoyed the content and Andrew was an awesome lecturer and made the content easy to understand. There were fortnightly tests but if you had watched the lectures and done the work,getting a HD in them was not difficult at all. The tutorials were also super fun with lot's of discussion. The only down side was the group assignment, but the biggest factor with any group project is whether you get a good group or not. The actual assignment question was straightforward and not complex at all. We were able to do peer reviews to influence our grades so that was good. No exam as well which is nice. Would recommend to do this unit as it isn't too time consuming, yet is still pretty interesting.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021